Where there is disaster, there is opportunity

We’ve seen the pictures of the floods in Nebraska and Iowa, and we have even experienced some much lesser flooding here in the North and Western states along with wet conditions that have delayed spring work by near 30 days but…we have moisture! As the days begin to warm, the wind begins to blow, the fields begin to dry, the phone will begin to ring and the orders will come. This is truly the calm before the storm, a storm of opportunity – so make certain your product storage is full, the paperwork is in place, the safety meetings are complete and documented because things are about to happen. As many of us heard at the December conference in Kennewick, don’t jump into the quick sand with your customer, rather be the one who pulls them out because there is blue sky ahead. Make 2019 a test of your character, use this as an opportunity and a reminder of why your customers choose to do business with you.