WA COVID-19 Updates: Truck Driver Hours/CDL Health Certificates


Gov. Jay Inslee announced the extension of one proclamation in response to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. This proclamation extends the state waiver of truck driver hours restrictions through July 14, 2020.

The original proclamation waived/suspended the restrictions on truck driver hours through April 17, and was later renewed through June 14.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has extended the federal restrictions through July 14. After consulting with the state’s Emergency Management Division, an extension of the state’s waiver of these rules continues to be needed.

Read the full proclamation here.


On April 14, 2020, Gov. Inslee issued Proclamation 20-48, waiving and suspending statutes and prohibiting certain activities relating to CDL and CLP holders.  That proclamation has been extended on May 14 and May 29.  On June 18 Governor Inslee then extended the CDL health certificate in the form of this Proclamation.