The 2020 Legislative Session

Washington State will begin its legislative session on January 13, 2020, and it is scheduled to be a 60-day session however the governor has previously extended the session in 30-day increments in order to conclude its business. This link will show the Bills already filed and the list is already considerable.

Since it is an election year, we remain hopeful that motivation will exist to conclude on time in order for the candidates to campaign before the November election, since they are prohibited from doing so during session.
We can expect discussions and negotiations in the House and Senate in mid-February as each brings forth their own budgets and of course, business will carefully watch the funding source.

Governor Inslee, after an unsuccessful attempt to secure the democratic presidential endorsement, seeks a third term. His agenda is largely environmental seeking to limit greenhouse gas emissions, establishing clean fuel standards, encouraging zero emission vehicles, an emission standard for ride share fleets and extending a solar tax incentive. In addition, Inslee has expressed a desire to increase salmon numbers for the orcas which could involve dam breaching. His draft report released on December 20, 2019 can be found here.

The $30.00 license tab (I-976) remains on hold until the Washington State Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality. We can expect gun legislation targeting magazine capacities and a ban on the sale of “assault” weapons. 

Oregon’s session will begin February 3, and concludes March 7, 2020. Oregon Bills are not officially introduced until the opening day but we expect to see some unofficially introduced next week. Each legislator is afforded the opportunity to introduce three.

Idaho began January 6 and concludes March 27, 2020. On Monday, January 6th, governor Brad Little gave his annual State of the State and lined out his priorities. It can be found here.

Utah will begin their session on January 27th and conclude on March 12th. Pre-filed bills can be found here.

The Nevada legislature does not convene on even years.

In order to stay current on the activities of the legislature by state be sure to check the FWAA website for the weekly reports. As the session proceeds you can also see the FWAA position on proposed Bills.