Senatorial Event in Pasco,Washington on September 23, 2019

If you are a member or partner of Far West, please check your calendar and consider attending the event provided below.

Washington Senator Mark Schoesler was previously the Senate Majority leader and today remains the minority leader.  He has been an influential advocate to our industry’s legislative issues such as the 12 month Hours-of-Service Agricultural Exemption, the Hazardous Materials Tax Exemption on FIFRA products stored in Washington (but sold into other states), the Agribusiness CDL training requirement exemption, and preventing the expansion of minimum crew sizes on trains, just to name a few.

Members who attend and express appreciation to him and Senator Sharon Brown for their continued support would be extremely helpful to our industry. Since next Monday night is the Senatorial event, please RSVP ASAP so they know you are coming.  The number of attendees from our industry really helps and of course so does your monetary support.  I’m certain that any amount helps but a suggested amount would be $100.  Help us help you by mentioning that you are a member of Far West and that we support them and appreciate the support they have given us.  Please let the FWAA office know if you plan on attending. We will make certain they know you are attending and to look for you.

Please keep in mind that Far West does not use membership money for political support of any party so it’s up to our members to help one another by making a personal contribution which is an investment in our future.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the FWAA office at 509-465-5055 or through

RSVP – or 208-512-2617