Part 2 – Washington Grain Commission Interview & Podcast

Today the “Wheat All About It!” podcast released part two of their interview with FWAA Executive Director, Jim Fitzgerald. The interview was an opportunity to discuss our work on Glyphosate issues and the Farmer Business Network.

“9.3.19 Anyone who has ordered anything over the internet knows how e-commerce has changed the retailing game—changes that have come to agriculture. Various websites now offer farmers discounted chemicals and fertilizers delivered direct to the farm. Jim Fitzgerald, executive director of the Far West Agribusiness Association, acknowledges the phenomenon, but says it also represents an opportunity for traditional retailers to demonstrate the value of their knowledge and experience. Far more vexing for the industry, Fitzgerald said, are rail issues facing anhydrous ammonia transport. Learn more about these and other issues facing agribusinesses in the PNW in episode 141, the second part of: And Now a Word from Jim Fitzgerald, Far West Agribusiness and Agricultural Advocate 2. Subscribe to Wheat All About It! on iTunes or other podcast apps like Stitcher, Pocket Cast, Overcast, Audio Player, Player FM and others, or listen on your computer at”