Far West Agribusiness Executive Director Departure

James (Jim) F. Fitzgerald will be retiring from his position as Executive Director at Far West Agribusiness Association effective January 1, 2020. Fitzgerald began his tenure on August 1, 2008. “Time goes by incredibly fast and it is hard to believe it’s been over 11 years. The experience of working on behalf of our members and the people within the crop input industry has been tremendously rewarding with relationships that will last a lifetime” said Fitzgerald.

The FarWest Board of Directors will retain Fitzgerald from January 2 throughMay 1, 2020, to assist with the legislative sessions forWashington, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Nevada while also lending support to a newly hired Executive Director and staff.

“Our goal is to provide a seamless transition in leadership as we begin a new decade of challenges” said President Don Eucker. “Jim has taken us through our 50th and our 60th anniversaries growing both the Association and its influence and now we have the arduous task of finding a suitable replacement”.

FarWest Agribusiness is a regional trade association made up of primarily agricultural retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and agronomists who provide critical crop inputs and services throughout Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Nevada. The Association handles the legislative, regulatory, continuing educational and training needs of its members. In addition, it administers the Certified Crop Adviser Program for the aforementioned states plus Alaska and British Columbia.
For additional information about FarWest and the Executive Director position click here or forward correspondence to: executivesearchcommittee@fwaa.org

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