Congratulations to our friends at the Far West Agribusiness Association Celebrating Our Diamond Anniversary!

The Voice of the Crop Nutrition and Protection Industry for Sixty Years, since 1959!

All of us—whether our businesses are local, regional, national or beyond—need Far West more than ever helping us speak out on our behalf in our state capitols and in Washington, D.C., too. Some of us have our own specialists in safety and other fields. Some of us have devoted much of our own time speaking out on behalf of our trade.  But Far West does more than we can do single-handedly, representing 118 enterprises of all sizes. There aren’t as many companies in our trade since way back when Far West got its start—making it urgent that all of us pitch in together to meet the bigger challenges which are no doubt beyond the horizon. Our association carries a lot of clout and is the tip of the spear, making sure our voices are heard.

In my year as president, back in 1983, we took a bold step and brought on board our first lobbyist, Errett Deck, to represent us in state capitols. It was a brash step but today representing us, and representing us well, when the chips are down is more vital than ever. For all of our companies!  

We’ve got a great story to tell of remarkable progress made!

But we have bigger challenges than ever with fewer legislators, agency personnel, media or neighbors familiar with agriculture than ever before…And ever more regulations and ill-advised legislation that can come our way from those who do not understand what we do and why it is so vital in feeding the nation and the world…

Each of us need to speak out.  Far West plays a key role in helping make sure our voices are heard. When we pull together, we get things done. Far West also partners with other agricultural groups when there are battles to be fought—teaming up makes us stronger and more effective. We can also help by participating in the Far West PAC which sends a strong message of support to those in the legislature who know us and support our industry.   

Kudos to Executive Director Jim Fitzgerald, Member Services Lead Errin Nelson, the Far West Directors and team in this, our sixtieth year working together. Special thanks to three very talented lobbyists—Tom McBride in Olympia, Elizabeth Criner in Boise, and Amanda Dalton in Salem.  Amanda has been doing a terrific job in helping fight the proposed ban on Chlorpyrifos which, if successful, could spread to other states.  Three very talented representatives who enjoy the challenge of working our issues with the right strategic support from members and staff. We’ve conquered many a challenge over the years. Pulling together on behalf of our industry and the growers we serve, and with our regional association helping us meet the challenges ahead, we are excited about the future.

Please urge all our friends, fellow retailers, suppliers and those who serve us, to help Far West be the strong and effective voice we need for many years to come!   


Alex McGregor